Adult playground "7TOKYO" ~Go for a club that liquors are nice ~

If you like liquor, we will be waiting for your coming with a drink that will satisfy you.
Our shop is open from midnight to the next morning. In the morning, there is a system that allows you to enjoy drinks at a reasonable price.

7TOKYO, a restaurant where you can drink quality whiskey and mojito

If you like liquor, check out the richer flavors that you can understand. A martini made with a rare shaker in the club is a proud one of experienced bartenders.

In addition, you can enjoy luxury champagne at a reasonable price with sparkling bubbles in our shop. Forget about everyday life and enjoy delicious liquors and food.

A stylish club in the basement of Roppongi

The interior of the store is made of chic colors with high texture on the walls and floor, creating a calm space. Under the simple lighting, many paintings that are well known to foreigners are displayed.

There are counter seats and sofa seats, so you can relax. It can also be used by standing to enjoy music and communication.

While a clean and luxurious interior, there is an atmosphere you can feel nostalgia from the lighting and music inside our club. Spend an adult's time with a delicious drink and listening to a variety of songs tailored to Western music and age.

Enjoy Shisha in Roppongi

7TOKYO plans to introduce a few full-fledged shisha at the club during October.
We offer a variety of flavors as well as fruity ones, so please try it from beginners to lovers.
Please use it in a variety of scenes, such as a place for communication with foreigners and people around you in a store with a different atmosphere from everyday.

7TOKYO is located in the corner of Roppongi 3-chome Children's Amusement Park, a 5-minute walk from Roppongi Station.
In a luxuriously decorated restaurant, delicious liquor and sensual music create time for adult.


Reception time: Monday to Thursday-20:00 to 05:00
Friday / Saturday-20:00-10:00