Club for adult in Roppongi

Would you like to enjoy high quality liquor and music at the luxury club “7TOKYO”, 5 minutes walk from Roppongi Station?

This club has been well received by everyone as a club with good and delicious sake.
In our store, we plan to introduce a full-fledged shisha (water tobacco) in October. A variety of flavors are available, so please try it from beginners to enthusiasts.



We gathered a wide variety of delicious sake, including beer, whiskey and cocktails.

We also offer simple dishes that go well with liquor, so why not share it with your colleagues, friends, or people you get to know each other at our store, as well as one person?

If you are troubled with your order or want to have a recommended drink, please feel free to ask the bartender.

We will make liquor with a fresh and delicious taste made by experienced bartenders.

If you drink champagne in Roppongi, 7TOKYO

Our store offers a variety of items from everything you know to high-end champagne. Champagne has a variety of flavors, from powerful to balanced with richness and freshness.

How about a toast drink for a special day such as a birthday or a toast with colleagues or friends? The amber-colored champagne is also recommended for girls' associations.

Recommended cocktail

Our recommendation is the cocktail king “Martini” and the refreshing “Mojito”.
Martini is a cocktail with a strong herb-like fragrance, and because of its simplicity, the bartender's skill determines its taste. Please enjoy 7TOKYO's proud martini.

If you want to try rum, how about a mojito that a cool flavor of mint and fresh lime juice is attractive?

We also have a variety of other delicious cocktails so please try it out.


In our store, we plan to introduce a full-fledged shisha (water tobacco) in October.
Try a full lineup of authentic delicious shisha and enjoy an unreal time to forget everyday life.


A club where you can enjoy shisha in Roppongi

Unlike cigarettes, Shisha has a variety of flavors ranging from fruit to sweet candy, and refreshing mint. You can also mix and enjoy the flavors.

If you want to smoke a little, we recommend visiting by the group. Shisha can be enjoyed for a long time, so you can share it with friends at the girls' association and lovers.

If you quit cigarettes and resist, but want to taste shisha with less nicotine, you can try it.

DJ events are held irregularly on weekends. You can enjoy a slightly different atmosphere from the usual shop. Please contact us for details.

7TOKYO is located in the corner of Roppongi 3-chome Children's Amusement Park, a 5-minute walk from Roppongi Station.
In a luxuriously decorated restaurant, delicious liquor and sensual music create time for adult.


Reception time: Monday to Thursday-20:00 to 05:00
Friday / Saturday-20:00-10:00